Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where I've Been...

I haven't written in almost a month...mostly because I took the month off from fertility treatments and was enjoying not thinking about it. It was so relaxing not have to worry about dr's appointments, schedules, etc. Now I am back to worrying though....It's been 37 days since my last period. I took Clomid this month but didn't have my IUI because I was sick. I thought Clomid was suppose to make your period be on schedule??? Has this happen to anyone? I have taken four prenancy test...all negative..though I am still hopeful. It would be so wonderful for it to have worked on our month off!! If I'm not pregnant, I wish my period would hurry up and start so that I can get going on my next IUI. My best friend is 2 months pregnant and I would really love to be pregnant with her. All I can do is keep praying and leave it in God's hands...only he knows when!!

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Dave and Elaine said...

Hey Ashley
I've missed hearing from you but I know a month of rest was completely wonderful!! Praying for you.