Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 5 Cycle #3

Well it's day 5 of my 3rd cycle. I'm so nervous about this cycle since the doctor told me if this one doesn't work we will have a lot of decisions to make. I want this one to work so badly...I don't want to have to go through IVF. My friend went to the same RE as me and she ended up doing 6 IUI's. The 6th try finally worked. I'm not sure if we would keep trying with IUI's or go to IVF. That's a big decision to make. I know that God will be by me every step of the way, holding my hand, so that makes it a little easier! I am praying that he thinks this month is the right time. I have been having twins on my mind a lot lately. I have a feeling that if this one works it will be twins. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. I am going to go and get ready for church.

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Dave and Elaine said...

Oh Ashley I was at this same place only a month ago...I was terrified about what would happen after three failed IUIs. But I've learned that God walks us through everything we must go through...meaning, I thought the third failed IUI would just be devestating (and yeah it was) but as always God was faithful through it all.
Also another thing that really helped me not think about what would happen if the 3rd IUI failed was to not allow my mind to think about it. And the verse Matt. 6:34 that says do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has enough worries of it's own. One thing at a time.
For now, you are in cycle 3 and we will pray it is successful!!!