Sunday, November 16, 2008


Cycle schedule for this month:

11/15 start clomid CD4-8
11/17 start taking antibiotics
11/18 Have HSG test perfomed
11/24 CD 13 get ultrasound and HCG shot
11/26 IUI

I am going to ask the RE if he can perform 2 IUI's this month...I think we have been missing it because we have been doing the IUI's almost 48 hours after the shot. I have read that 36 hours works the best. We will see what he says.

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Dave and Elaine said...

I think that is a great idea about asking your RE to do two IUIs. My RE says it is very important to get sperm in there BEFORE ovulation. He says your chances are much higher this way. If sperm go in after ovulation, chances of pregnancy are greatly decreased. Your welcome for the verse! I am so grateful to God for all the girls I have met going through the same things I am. We walk together with God. Praying for you - and praying for pregnancy this month!