Tuesday, December 22, 2009


**I'm not sure why everything is underlined!! I couldn't get it off!!

How Far Along 35 weeks
Weight Gained ....gulp...35 pounds!!

Maternity clothes yes, some stuff still fits. The shirt in the picture is not a maternity shirt.

Sleep has been horrible...my hips and back hurt

best moment of the week having time off so I get to relax and feel McKenzie move more!

Food cravings it was chicken salad but I've had so much of it that I'm no longer craving it!

morning sickness no but I am getting heartburn at night

Gender sweet baby girl

labor signs nope and we are now at the point that my Dr. would not stop labor

belly button barely there it's pointy at the end though and gets hard at times

What I miss a good nights sleep and being able to shave without any trouble!!

Weekly Wisdom enjoy every kick poke and prod...I"m going to miss that about being pregnant! Also, I ordered things I might need after pregnancy (e.g. pads, breast pads, nipple cream, witch hazel, etc) from drugstore.com it is comparable to most stores and they delivered it to my door with free shipping.

Milestones 35 days left!! I have a feeling that I only have 3 weeks left....but we will see.

Also, I went to the doctor yesterday and waited 2 1/2 freaking hours!! There are 6 Dr's in my office and 3 are taking off this week and 3 the next!! Does that make any sense??? Anyway when I got in there my doctor argued with me about my due date. They got a new computer system and accidentally put my in for January 29th. I know it's only 3 days...but those 3 days matter to me!!! I did IVF I know my EXACT due date...I'm the one who told my doctor!! He was in too much of a hurry to change it in the system!! I was so MAD!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!! Remember Jesus is the reason for the season:) LOTS OF LOVE!!