Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hi everyone! Sorry it's taken so long for me to get some pics up. My computer crashed and we just got it going again. I hope ya'll enjoy. I will post about the first week home when I get a chance!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birth Story

Here is McKenzie's birth story:

My water broke around 3:50 on Thursday January 21. I had a pain that woke me up. I went to the bathroom and then went back to bed. When I laid down my underwear got soaking wet. I got up to try to determine if I peed on myself or if it was my water. When I stood up it stopped. I went to the living room and sat on the couch to see if it would happen did. I looked at my underwear and there were dots of white mucus...this assured me that it was my water. I called the Dr. and they said to come in. I decided I better do some stuff before I woke up Brandon because I knew he wouldn't let me when he got up:) I took a shower, put on makeup, blow dried my hair, got dress, ran the dish washer, straighten the living room, and then woke him up. I gently shook him and asked him if he was ready to be a dad;) He said "Really?, how do you know?" While he was getting ready I took the opportunity to eat because I knew when I got there they wouldn't let me and I was STARVING!! All this took around 50 minutes. We left our house at 4:40 and got to the hospital around 5:15. I was assessed before moving to labor and delivery. When I got there I was only having back pain and I was still 2 cm. I got to labor and delivery at around 6:00. Once I was there my contractions started to hurt in the front as well as the back and they were quick..around 2 minutes apart. They asked me if I wanted an epidural but said when I got one I wouldn't be able to get up. I decided to try some pain medicine first..mistake!! It made me feel DRUNK but i could still feel the pain. My Dr came to check me and I could not concentrate on what he was saying. He checked me and I was around 4-5. At around 8:50 I was 5 cm and decided to get an epidural because the pain was bad. It made the contractions painless but my legs were DEAD weight and felt asleep..tingling really bad. At 10 I was 8 cm and the nurse said I would start practice pushing soon. We decided to start at 11:15. She put a mirror in front so I could see. Every time I saw here hair it made me DETERMINED!! I pushed till 11:45 and she called the doctor and told him to hurry up. He couldn't believe it..he thought it would take awhile. He came in and I pushed 2-3 times for him and she was born at 12:14.
She was so beautiful!! I busted out crying as soon as he pulled her out. I cannot believe the instant love I felt for her and how much more love I felt for my husband at that instant. It was AMAZING!. She weighed 7 lbs 5.1 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. She was taken and cleaned before being brought to me because the placenta was stuck and the doctor had a hard time getting it out. That was the only painful part of the delivery!! He had to get on top of me and push like crazy and then pull it out. I was close to having to go to a surgical room to get it removed.
I got to breastfeed her right after she was bathed. The baby nurse helped me get the hang of it. I believe doing it so quickly helped with our great success with it!!
McKenzie had a slight temperature when she was born. Since I had Group B strep here white blood count was taken. It was slightly elevated so she had to get an IV in her foot. She had to get antibiotics every 12 hours for the first 2 days. On Saturday she also tested positive for jaundice so we had to stay an additional day and have her sleep underneath a light in our room. Other than that she has been a PERFECT baby. She hardly every cries (only when we change her diaper or she is hungry). We are sooo in love with her!!
Sorry this was so long...I didn't want to forget anything!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend...I'm going feed my little love.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

She's HERE!!!

Well ladies I don't have much time but I wanted to say that McKenzie is HERE!!! My water broke Thursday morning at around 3:45. She was born at 12:14 pm after only 30 minutes of pushing. I will write the entire birth story later. I hope everyone is doing great!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick 39 week update

I'm still here!!! I went to the Dr. yesterday for my 39 week update. I just knew that I would be further along...ha ha!!! When he checked me he said "Still 2 cm and 75% effaced"!! I wanted to hit him;) I asked him if there was anything I could do to get labor going and he said no she would come when she was ready. He decided since he thinks she is going to be around 8 lbs and my pelvis is small, plus the fact that I have gestational diabetes, that he will induce on Monday morning if she doesn't come before then. I am really hoping that she comes before then because he said it would be much easier!!
So, I'm still here!! I'm feeling okay besides the fact that I'm not sleeping good and my legs have been really swollen the last few days. I am still working. My preschoolers ask me everyday when McKenzie is going to come. They said she is really big now and it is time for her to come out;) They amaze me!! I couldn't believe how many of them bought her Christmas presents. The were SOOO proud of their gifts. One mom told me yesterday that when McKenzie grows up her daughter is going to teacher her how to that cute or what. I'm going to miss them for the rest of the school year. I hope my sub does a good job!!
Well girls, I hope everyone is having a great week!! Hopefully my next post will have baby pictures included. Please pray that I have a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick 38 week update

HI!!! Just wanted to give everyone a short update...don't have time for the regular stat update. I went to the Dr. today and I am 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced. It could be any day now;) I also have the joy of having Group B strep...I think I have gotten everything that you can get besides high blood pressure;) He said it was not a big deal if I get the antibiotics when I go into labor. 1 in 5 women get it or 200 in 1000 women get it. Out of that 200 woman 1 baby gets sick from it. Praying that isn't my baby!!!
I'm still at work and doing pretty good. My pre k class is anxious about me having the baby. They tell me everyday that the thing she is definitely big enough to come out now...LOL!!! My goal was to make to class picture day and that is tomorrow!!!
Well, I hope everyone is doing great. I am going relax in bed with my loving hubby...who has been WONDERFUL by the way. I love him soooo much!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

37 weeks

How far along: 37 weeks
Weight gained: I can't believe this but.....37 pounds....I guess that's a pound a week;)
Maternity clothes: Yes, I'm running out of room. My shirts are tight. I am wearing Brandon's shirts to sleep in.
Sleep: Not very good. I am getting up a lot to pee and my hips hurt.
Best moment of the week: Getting to 37 weeks (full term) and seeing her on the sonogram.
Food cravings: Pasta, salad, fruit, and my favorite bed time snack ginger snaps and milk...Ive been very hungry lately.
Heartburn: yes, mostly at night
Labor signs: nope
Belly button: barely there
What I miss: being able to get out of bed like a normal person
Weekly wisdom: Infertility worries stay with you forever...I've been getting more and more nervous the closer we get.
Milestones: 37 weeks (full term)

I went to the doctor today. I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. The head is engaged and the doctor said we are on the 10 yard line. I'm thinking it will happen around the 13th...but we will see:) I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

HEre are my 37 week belly pics. My computer is acting would not let me rotate them!!