Friday, November 27, 2009

31 weeks 2 days

How far along: 31 weeks 2 days

Weight gained: 21 pounds
Maternity clothes: yes, but stil wearing some t-shirts, comfy pants, pjs, and cami's from pre-pregnancy

sleep: wake up every 2 hours for bathroom and hip pain
best moment of the week: when Brandon gave me a baby book for our anniversary. He had researched for a month to find the perfect one;)
Food cravings: none at the moment....
Morning sickness: nope

Gender: baby girl

Labor signs: hopefully not for at least 6 more weeks!

Belly button: starting to get really tight and hard...
What I miss: sleeping all night and a cold beer
Weekly wisdom: don't wait till the last minute to do never know if you will go on bedrest or labor;) My friend was induced this past week 3 1/2 weeks early because her placenta had stopped working. Also, GOD IS GOOD:)

Milestones: getting past 30 weeks...really big milestone for lung development!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

29 weeks/shower

How far along: 29 weeks
Total weight gained: 19 pounds
Maternity clothes: yes, but a few shirts and comfy pants still fit
Sleep: it hasn't been good. My hips hurt so bad at night...I wish I could sleep on my back.
B est moment of the week: when my parents felt McKenzie move
Movement: she as been moving a lot....I LOVE IT
Food cravings: well, since I got gestational diabetes I have been craving cake, cupcakes and pasta:)
Morning sickness: no but I have started gagging again in the morning. I hope it doesn't come back@
Gender: sweet little girl!
Labor signs: no..hopefullly not for at least 6 more weeks!
Belly button: it's disappering fast;)
What I miss: being able to sleep, being able to move like a normal person;)
Weekly wisdom: enjoy every minute because it goes by so fast
Milestones: 3rd trimester

I had my baby shower on November 1st! It was AWESOME!! My cousin, SIL, aunts, mom, and best friend planned it. Everything was perfect! I couldn't have asked for more. Here are a few pictures. I haven't gotten them all yet!

Here is some of the monogrammed stuff that McKenzie got.

One of my favorite pictures! My cousin (whose like a sister) kissing my belly!

My aunt and cousin touching my belly

One of the food tables

My mom and best friend

My cousin painted this for McKenzie. It is now above her crib.

The YUMMY cake!