Thursday, July 29, 2010

6months/beach/cold/catch up

I'm kind of late with these posts because my laptop crashed and I had to wait to get a new one!! McKenzie turned 6 months old on July 21st. I can't believe it..time has FLOWN by! Here are some of her 6 months stats
  • She weighs 16lbs 2 0z
  • She is wearing mostly 3 month clothes..some 6 month.
  • She is in size 3 diapers.
  • She has been sitting unassisted since right after she turned 5 months.
  • She is rolling all over the place to get where she wants to go.
  • She is mostly sleeping through the night..every now and then I have to get up and pat her pack until she goes back to sleep. she usually sleeps from 7:30-6 ish.
  • Her naps range from 45 min-1 hour and 1/2.
  • She really could careless for baby food. The only kind she really likes is the Sprout brand...apples and pears. She does love Gerber puffs though;)
  • She has started to drink from a sippy cup but has not mastered that yet.
  • She absolutely LOVES her daddy and beams whenever she sees him.
  • She can only "crawl" in the bathtub. She uses her arms to slide across the tub on her belly. IT's so cute.
  • She is jumping like crazy in her jumperoo.
  • She makes all kinds of sounds. She says mammamaa alot when she is crying. I know she probably doesn't know what she is saying but it sure makes me want to pick her up!!

We also went to the beach for the first time last week. She did much better than I thought she would. She was AWESOME in the car and played and slept the whole way there and back. She did okay with naps and night time sleep. We stayed with Brandon's Dad and his wife and small kids and his sister and their it was MUCH louder than she is used too;) When we got back she had her first cold and still has it now. It is nooo fun. Ihate not knowing how she feels and exactly what she needs.

We also met with her babysitter. I have to go back to work on August 12th and I'm so sad about it. That day will mark 30 weeks that I was off with Mckenzie and I don't know what I'm going to do without seeing her all day.

Well I think she is waking, I better go! I hope all is well with everyone!

McKenzie and Olivia (her cousin-3 weeks apart)

I love this picture!!

Brandon's Dad with his daughter and 3 granddaughters


Too curious to sleep on the beach!

Kenzie and daddy!

Kenzie and her best friend Liv!

Kenzie and Emily!

The most important thing we packed!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My cousin came home from Art school in Savanna and wanted to take some pictures of McKenzie! I thought you might like to see them. Hope you have a great week!!

This is my Aunt. Mckenzie LOVES her;)