Friday, January 30, 2009


I went to bed last night with a stomachache. Around 12 I threw up and did again at 2 and 4. I feel a little better this morning but now I'm having bathroom problems;) I took half the day off and will be going to work at around 11. Of course I have googled the possiblity of if I could be pregnant...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 things...

My blogger friend Kami challenged everyone to write 25 things about themselves. I'm doing it and I challenge you to do the same!!

*My husband is my best friend
* I shave my legs EVERYDAY!
*I love riding rollercoasters
*I love my family more than anything.
* I go to church and eat with my parents every Sunday.
*I look up to my brother even though he is younger.
*I love shopping with my mom even though we don't do it much.She is wonderful.
*I am VERY close to my dad. We talk on the phone everyday.
*I have a really awesome mother-in-law..not many people can say that.
*I love to play like a kid...thus why I love teaching pre k:)
*I love to work out.
*I like Grey's Anatomy, reality shows, and the food network.
*My husband and I love to cuddle.
*I have had the same 2 best friends since elementary school.
*This year is my 10 year high school reunion!! I can't believe it!!
*I'm soooo scared that I might lose someone I love.
*I worry that I'm too happy and something bad is bound to happen...(I know infertility and all...but if that's my only cross to bear I will gladly take it!!)
*I am addicted to reading my blogger friends updates.
* I love to go out to eat.
*I cook almost every night for my hubby.
*I love getting mail.
*The worse time in my life was when Brandon was in IRAQ.
*I am so scared that he will have to go back....
*Brandon has a rare form of arthritis (inherited from his dad). He is already in lots of pain at 26 and that scares me to DEATH!!
*I really love my life and wouldn't change it for the world. I am truly BLESSED!!!

love you guys:)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

IUI #4

I had my #4 IUI today. I had to be there at 7:30. The waiting room was packed again. They are doing the largest IVF cycle that they have ever done...33 woman. It felt so routine. They have a new nurse and it was her first day. She was extremely nice. She said she was glad it felt routine for me because it sure didn't for her. We talked about this being my last IUI....and said hopefully it would work!! I'm at home now relaxing. I've been on the couch since 9 hoping that those little spermies swim up:) Have yall ever felt that if you stand up too long it wont work:) I know that isn't true...but it makes me feel better:) In an hour I might clean house!! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Pray that those sperm find my eggs:)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

CD 14 Dr's Appt

I had a doctor's appointment at 7:30 this morning. There is a doctor, who is training with my doctor, who first administered my ultrasound this morning. She said "I think I see a cyst!" I couldn't believe it since I had never had one before!! My doctor said are you sure...her estrogen level was 234 on Monday so she should have follicles. He checked and said that it was a vein she was looking at!! I was so relieved. He then took over and saw that I had 2 follicles on the left side. One was 19 and the other was 22. My estrogen was 465. I got my trigger shot and will go back on Saturday. I still think that is too late after the trigger shot...but my doctor said it wasn't so we will see! I am praying that these two follicles do what they have to do and we get pregnant. My doctor told me "Maybe we will cheat IVF and this will work;)" I sure hope so!! Please say some prayers for us!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Clomid Challenge Test

I got the results back from the clomid challenge test....I PASSED:) That means that I have a good ovarian reserve....lots of eggs left!! My estrogen was 234 which means I responded to the clomid and my FSH was 6. I have to go back on Thursday for an ultrasound and possible HCG shot. I am already feeling my ovaries so I hope I don't have too many eggs or I won't be able to do the IUI. I am praying that this IUI works!!
I went to see Bride Wars today!! It was HILARIOUS!! I LOVED it. I recommend that you go with your friends and make a day of it:)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I had a doctor's appointment this morning at 7:45. All they did was take blood. It's so frustrating because the doctor's office is 45 minutes away and when they take blood it takes like 5 seconds. I never have to wait at my doctor's office (I wish EVERY doctor was like that). Today I had to wait for awhile though!! The waiting room was packed because IVF treatments started up again. They scheduled everyone at around the same time since it was Sunday and they only work for a couple of hours. I won't get the results until tomorrow. Hopefully I passed the second part of the clomid challenge test. If so, I go in on Thursday for an ultrasound and possibly a trigger shot. If all goes well I will do an IUI on Saturday. Hopefully it works and we wont need the IVF!!! Keep us in your prayers:)
I forgot to tell yall what my doctor said at our last consultation. Brandon asked him if we would always need to do IVF after doing it the first time. He said he has heard that many women are "more fertile" after they have one baby. Dr. Webster said that he recommends that everyone go on birth control after they have a baby from IVF. He said many woman don't listen to him though because they don't think they can get pregnant on their own. He has had Several woman call around 9 weeks after their babies were born because their periods didn't start back and they wanted a pill to make it start. He said he tells them he doesn't prescribe that without a HSG test. They are reluctant to waste money on the test but they have all been PREGNANT!! He said don't ever give up hope on your body because it will prove you wrong;)
For some reason this weekend I have had the baby blues. I want to be pregnant so bad!! I'm usually really upbeat about it and understanding that God has a plan. But this week I've been thinking about how bad I want to be pregnant. At church I just stared at a baby the entire time thinking how great it would be to have one. LAst night Brandon had his head in my lap watching tv. He kissed my stomach and I all I could think about was that I wish their was a baby in there that he was kissing. I guess some days are just worse than others:) I am off tomorrow because of Martin Luther King day so I am going to the movies and mall with one of my best friends!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blood Results

The nurse called with my blood results: FSH=6 and Estrogen = 30. She said that was perfect for CD 2. I will start taking the clomid on Tuesday. I hope everyone has a great night!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crazy Morning

Yesterday I started my period. It was a busy day at school and I forgot to call the DR. in the morning. They are only open 1/2 day on Friday so when I called they were closed. I left a voicemail. They called me back at 8:30 this morning. The nurse said that they usually like to check people on CD #3 to do blood work for the Clomid Challenge test. She said that they were closed tomorrow but sometimes day 4 is okay. She scheduled me for Monday at 7:30. She called back 10 minutes later and said that my Dr thought that the levels would be off on day 4. He wanted to see me today if I could get there in 40 minutes or less because they were closing. If I couldn't get there I would have to wait another MONTH!! I live 40 minutes away on a good was raining. Plus I was in my PJ's, etc. I jumped in the shower, got dressed, grabbed a banana and headed out the door. I have never driven so fast before. I was so nervous. I'm glad they didn't check my blood pressure because I'm sure it was incredibly HIGH. I got there in time (I don't know how). The nurse took my blood, gave me my prescription, and my calendar. She told me that I would be taking 100 mg of clomid for 5 days...almost the same as for the IUI's except I took 50 mg then. I would go back next Sunday to get blood work done to check my FSH and estrogen levels. Then on January 22 I would get an ultrasound and possible HCG. They said that they would then do an IUI two days later if I wanted since I'm doing all this anyway. She said they have gotten pregnancies doing the CLomid challenge test. that made my heart skip a beat. I didn't know that I would be doing an IUI but it makes sense since I'm paying for everything else, why not pay $300 more to do the I don't waste my eggs. Wouldn't that be a MIRACLE!!! If I would get pregnant the month that I was doing test to see if I qualify for the IVF refund program, I WOULD FALL TO MY KNEES and PRAISE GOD:) That would be so WONDERFUL. Please pray extra hard for me this month. If it works we would save so much money and I wouldn't have to go through all the shots, etc for IVF. Maybe this is the plan that God had for us all along!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Enjoy each moment....

This week has been a whirlwind at work. I teach pre k, as some of you know. Wednesday I found out that a little girl in the other class has LEUKEMIA. I saw her Monday and Tuesday and she looked tired, but most of the kids did because we came back from a long holiday. I asked her if she was okay and she just smiled at me. Her mom took her to the doctor and within 2 hours they told her she had leukemia. Within 24 hours she was on a plane to St. Jude's hospital. She will be there for 6 weeks. Her mom went with her. Her dad is tying things up at home and then he and the 2 year-old son will make the journey to Tennessee. She will not be able to come back to school for 6 months.
I cannot believe how quick someone's life can an instant! They suspected that she had a cold or sinus problems or something. They never expected to hear that their child had CANCER. Please keep them in your prayers!! This has made me appreciate life even more. It has made me realize that I shouldn't put all my focus on fertility treatments. I need to focus more on my husband, family, and GOD!! The rest will come when it's time. If I don't focus on those things and something happens to someone that I love then I will be DEVASTATED!! My New Year's resolution is to enjoy every day, and worry about that day, not the past or the future!!

On that period started today so I will go to the doctor in 2 days to start the clomid challenge test. One step closer to IVF. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I saw this on a baby shirt while looking at "Cafe". People can design their own stuff and cafe press sells it and you get a profit...people do it to help fund their IVF's. I thought the shirt was cute. They also had one that said "My mom and dad spent my whole college fund MAKING me". Thought ya'll might need a laugh...all we can do is laugh right:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

We had a very nice low-key New Year's Eve. My parents came over and I cooked dinner. Then we watched the Chick-fil-a bowl (LSU was playing). At half time they left and went back to their house. Brandon and I were in bed for 10. It was nice and relaxing. The next day I went to my parent's house to eat the traditional black-eyed peas and cabbage. Today I went shopping with my best friend and then eat with my brother, parents, and hubby. Two more days and then back to work. I'm not ready to wake up at 5:30 again but I am ready to hug my preschoolers:)