Sunday, January 18, 2009


I had a doctor's appointment this morning at 7:45. All they did was take blood. It's so frustrating because the doctor's office is 45 minutes away and when they take blood it takes like 5 seconds. I never have to wait at my doctor's office (I wish EVERY doctor was like that). Today I had to wait for awhile though!! The waiting room was packed because IVF treatments started up again. They scheduled everyone at around the same time since it was Sunday and they only work for a couple of hours. I won't get the results until tomorrow. Hopefully I passed the second part of the clomid challenge test. If so, I go in on Thursday for an ultrasound and possibly a trigger shot. If all goes well I will do an IUI on Saturday. Hopefully it works and we wont need the IVF!!! Keep us in your prayers:)
I forgot to tell yall what my doctor said at our last consultation. Brandon asked him if we would always need to do IVF after doing it the first time. He said he has heard that many women are "more fertile" after they have one baby. Dr. Webster said that he recommends that everyone go on birth control after they have a baby from IVF. He said many woman don't listen to him though because they don't think they can get pregnant on their own. He has had Several woman call around 9 weeks after their babies were born because their periods didn't start back and they wanted a pill to make it start. He said he tells them he doesn't prescribe that without a HSG test. They are reluctant to waste money on the test but they have all been PREGNANT!! He said don't ever give up hope on your body because it will prove you wrong;)
For some reason this weekend I have had the baby blues. I want to be pregnant so bad!! I'm usually really upbeat about it and understanding that God has a plan. But this week I've been thinking about how bad I want to be pregnant. At church I just stared at a baby the entire time thinking how great it would be to have one. LAst night Brandon had his head in my lap watching tv. He kissed my stomach and I all I could think about was that I wish their was a baby in there that he was kissing. I guess some days are just worse than others:) I am off tomorrow because of Martin Luther King day so I am going to the movies and mall with one of my best friends!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!


Stace said...

I know what you mean about the baby blues... sometimes it is so easy to be optimistic and upbeat. But others... well, you know. I'll be hoping like crazy for you this week and this cycle. Sounds like our IUI's will end up being around the same time! :) Hope it works for you and you don't have to do the IVF!

ashley said...

Our doctor is an hour and 15 minutes away from us and any time we need blood drawn they fax an order over to our closest clinic or hospital that we prefer going to. You may want to ask your doc about doing that, it could save you a trip. And anyone who has been down the path of infertility, more often than not, gets the baby blues. I still have them and I'm pregnant to boot. I believe they won't go away until we're holding a baby in our arms. Keep your chin up!

Mimi said...

You WILL have your baby honey!!! I am praying your results come back beautiful!!! Thinking of you!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i hope you pass the test, too!! you can be right behind me with IVF!

i have heard a lot of stories with couples having to do IF treatments for their first child and having them naturally afterward. i am hoping that is our case! and yours too!