Monday, January 5, 2009

I saw this on a baby shirt while looking at "Cafe". People can design their own stuff and cafe press sells it and you get a profit...people do it to help fund their IVF's. I thought the shirt was cute. They also had one that said "My mom and dad spent my whole college fund MAKING me". Thought ya'll might need a laugh...all we can do is laugh right:)


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i just the end..that day will be priceless.

i joke all the time that our baby will have a certain amount of money to pay back once its able to start working.

as most infertile women, id pay anything to get the end result. :)

have a great week, ashley!

beth ewing said...

that's awesome. you should so get that shirt WHEN it works and you're pregnant. and the onesie. it will be priceless....i promise. it's worth it.

Jenileigh said...

WOW. Praying you have success long before it adds up to this much, even though I KNOW you can't put a price on life!

Melody said...

Hey Ashley, just wanted to check in with you! How are things? I started a new weightloss blog called helpmeloseit2009. :)