Monday, March 30, 2009

2 weeks down...

Well I just finished taking my 2nd row of birth control pills...two rows to go!! I'm sooo ready to get on with this!! We go to the Dr. on Thursday to sign our IVF papers and get every little detail with the Dr (even though we basically did that with a nurse already).
I've been playing and jumping around even more at school than normal because I know the last two weeks of school I won't be able to:) I'm really going to miss my class. They are really adorable!
Please pray for my blogger friends Kami and Dianne. They both just had embryo transfers!

"The will of God will never take you, where the Grace of God will not protect you!"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

Hi!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We spent a lot of time with family this weekend. Yesterday was my Godchild and our nieces 2nd birthday. We had a good time playing with the kids, jumping in the space walk, eating yummy food, and talking to friends and family. Today I cooked pancakes and bacon then we snuggled on the couch for about an hour before I went to church. Then we went to eat lunch at my parents (we do that every Sunday). Now I am making lasagne for tomorrow's supper and lounging around. I love Sundays:) I have one question for ya'll...did your boobs hurt when you took birth control for IVF?? Mine never hurt when I used to take birth control. I am on a different brand now. My boobs are KILLING me. Just wondering if that is normal?? I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cycle ramblings;)

Well girls, I have finished one week and 2 days of my birth control!!! I will be soooo happy to get off of it. My doctor put me on a different kind than I used to take and it is making me MOOODY!!! My husband asked me why I"m not as nice as I used to be;) I"m ready to start taking my real meds!!! Brandon and I are also taking an antibiotic right now...did anyone else have to do that?? I'm taking baby aspirin too..did anyone else have to take that this early in the cycle? Just wondering.

Another girl is pregnant at's always hard to hear that news. One day I hope I'm the one who is walking around telling everyone:) On a sadder note a girl I know was 17 weeks pregnant and she had a miscarriage yesterday. She has to deliver the baby since she was so far along. Please keep her in your prayers.

I told my principal about all the days that I will be missing soon. She was very understanding. My egg retrieval and ET is really close to our end of the year program. My aide is going to have to do so much: practicing with the kids, doing end of the year stuff, etc. I"m so glad I have her to help me out!! I feel kind of bad about it. Oh well, I Have to do what I have to do.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Needles, Needles, Everywhere;)

Well I'm feeling really bad today...sore throat, cough, headache, stopped up nose. I wanted to stay in my bed and rest but I knew I better get to work since I would be using lots of days soon for IVF. I felt a little better when I got home though because my MEDS ARE HERE!!! I got the I am ready to begin!!! It feels like time is in slow motion:) Well I'm going lay down. I just wanted to post the famous "IVF Med Pic"!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

IVF Calander

Well I went to the fertility clinic to get my calanders and prescriptions that they didn't have ready yesterday. I was kind of dissapointed because it is a week or so later than I thought it would be. Here is a run down:
March 17th-Start Birth control and baby asprin
March 22nd-Brandon and I have to start taking an antibiotic
April 2nd- we have a full consult with Dr.
April 7th-start taking 2nd pack of BCP
April 8th- injection class
April 15th-trial transfer
April 19th-last BCP
April 22nd-Ultrasound,E2, Fees due(20,000),and cultures done
April 24th stop baby asprin and start Bravelle 150 and
menopur 75
April 27-E2 levels checked
April 29-ultrasound
May 5th-tentative retrival
So there's the run down!! The pharmacy just called and told me how much my meds were going to cost. I knew it was going to be a lot but just hearing the number made me want to pass out;) Are you ready.......$2118.00 Yeah that's right $2118!!! I sure do hope this works the first time so we don't have to spend that much again!! Please pray for us!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CD 3/Dr's appointment

Well at 7:30 I had a doctor's appointment. It was for blood work. They took 5 viles of blood to test for FSH, Estrogen, HIV, Hepatitis, Cystic Fibrosis, etc. So far they only results I have are FSH=6 and Estrogen =21..they are both good numbers. I was suppose to get my calenders and IVF prescriptions but they had forgotten to make them and didn't have time right then and there!!! I was kind of mad because I live an hour away from the doctor's office. Now I have to go back tomorrow to get them!!! That is so frustrating. I also got my prescription for birth control and took my 1st pill. I can't wait to get started. I hate waiting!!!
I'm off to fry homeade chicken, homeade macaroni and cheese, and greenbeans!! My husbands favorite meal:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

CD 2

Well on Sunday AF showed her face;) It was actually one of those times that I didn't mind TOO much! I was still hoping by some divine miracle that it had happened naturally, but since we had taken the month off from treatments, I wasn't too upset. So I go in tomorrow for CD 3 blood work and to get all my prescriptions for IVF, birth control,etc. I'm just ready to get back in the swing of things!!
One of my friends (not a blogger friend) has been struggling with IF for as long as we have. She recently did her 6th IUI- first one with injectables. She wanted to try one last time before IVF and knew if it didn't work at least they would know how her body reacted to injectables. Well, she just told me that it WORKED!!! I'm so happy for her!!! It makes me think that it is POSSIBLE!!!
I hope everyone is having a great weeek!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was helping my husband at work today when it occurred to me that I've never told you about his job. It is so unique because of our fertility situation. My husband is a "RE" in the cattle world. He basically does anything you can do reproductively to cows. It's basically just like with humans. Some cows he has to "AI" artificially inseminate...(an IUI for us) and they go on to have that calf. Other cows he has to give shots to so that that they will produce large quantities of eggs. He then inseminates them so that they will produce embryos. Then he "flushes" them or retrieves the embryos and they either freeze them or transfer them to other cows. Isn't that so crazy...that he knows all about that and it is almost exactly the same. That is why my doctor talks so much when my husband comes...they can speak "RE" talk;)
When I was helping him today he was teaching me how to prepare shots. He told me it would be good practice. I'm just glad he knows so much about giving shots so he won't have to "practice" on me.
You might be wondering why people would do this to cows. There are really expensive cows (called donor cows). These cows are too expensive to let them "mate" with a bull because they might get hurt. Their owners can also get much more out of that cow if she produces lots of eggs and they can fertilize them with an expensive bulls sperm. They can then get more calfs by placing them in surrogate cows or sell the embryos for high dollars.

Just thought yall might find this interesting:) I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hi Guys!! Well my wonderful blogger friend Melody asked if I was okay since I had't posted in awhile. I'm fine!!! I still read everyone's blogs daily. Since I am sitting this month out(not by choice!!) I havent' had much to write about. I am just living life, working, enjoying my husband, the occasional glass of wine(the only good thing about not doing anything IF related this month), etc. I should start AF in a week or so and then start taking birth control pills. We don't do IVF until April. So I'm here everyone...just laying low for awhile:) I hope everyone is having a great week!!