Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was helping my husband at work today when it occurred to me that I've never told you about his job. It is so unique because of our fertility situation. My husband is a "RE" in the cattle world. He basically does anything you can do reproductively to cows. It's basically just like with humans. Some cows he has to "AI" artificially inseminate...(an IUI for us) and they go on to have that calf. Other cows he has to give shots to so that that they will produce large quantities of eggs. He then inseminates them so that they will produce embryos. Then he "flushes" them or retrieves the embryos and they either freeze them or transfer them to other cows. Isn't that so crazy...that he knows all about that and it is almost exactly the same. That is why my doctor talks so much when my husband comes...they can speak "RE" talk;)
When I was helping him today he was teaching me how to prepare shots. He told me it would be good practice. I'm just glad he knows so much about giving shots so he won't have to "practice" on me.
You might be wondering why people would do this to cows. There are really expensive cows (called donor cows). These cows are too expensive to let them "mate" with a bull because they might get hurt. Their owners can also get much more out of that cow if she produces lots of eggs and they can fertilize them with an expensive bulls sperm. They can then get more calfs by placing them in surrogate cows or sell the embryos for high dollars.

Just thought yall might find this interesting:) I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Just Another Infertile said...

Wow that's ironic!

I think it's great your husband can understand the inner workings of IF treatments. It must help to not have to explain all the details to him.

What/when is your next plan for treatments?