Tuesday, November 4, 2008

40 days and counting

Well it's been 40 days since my last period. I'm still getting negative pregnancy tests. My doctor told me when I first started fertility treatments that Clomid would regulate my cycle. Well even though I didnt do the IUI this month...I still took the Clomid....so I thought my cycle would be on schedule. I've read about people who have taken weeks to get a positive pregnancy test so I still have a small glimmer of hope....but it is fading every time I get a negative test. If I'm not pregnant I wish my period would start so I could get started on my next IUI cycle. I have always had a good feeling about cycle #3. Ever since the beginning I didn't think it would work until the 3rd try. So I hope I am right!!! Keep us in your prayers.
Also, pray for my husband. He was suppose to be out of the national guard but he made stop loss. It's when your unit is scheduled to go to Iraq and they make you go even though your enlistment is over. (They made a movie about it). He has been trying to get out on a medical discharge because he has a rare form of arthritis that causes him extreme pain. The VA doctor called yesterday and told him that he didn't qualify for a medical discharge. He is going to fight it....he could not handle another tour of duty in the condition that he is in. So I am asking for your prayers...this is my top priority on my prayer list...even before a baby that I desperately want.

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