Friday, December 12, 2008

The next path to take....

I called my Dr. yesterday to let them know that I started my period. I usually go in CD1 or CD2. Well they told me that since I had done 3 IUI's and they did not work, I couldn't come this week. I would have to wait for a consultation appointment. They didn't have an opening until Dec 30th. I was so upset after I got off the phone. I didn' t have tears in my eyes after AF showed her face but I did after that call. I didn't want to have to wait I wanted to get right back on the bandwagon. It's so frustrating. Brandon and I are wondering if we should switch our Dr. They recently opened a Fertility Institute where we live and they have 7 fertility specialist that work there.
We are also leaning toward IVF as our next path. We don't want to waste anymore time or money on IUI if it isn't going to work. I'm just going to pray about it and hope that God leads me in the right direction.


Mimi said...

Oh sweetie, I am sorry for the frustrations. I had to go through three Reproductive Endocrinologists before I finally found the one I love. I have been dragged through the mud. The whole time I had severe endo, no one wanted to do anything about it until I met this RE. I actually didn't know I had bad endo until I found this RE. That was the problem. The other RE's just wanted my money. You may want to pray about it. I had to do that and I had a strong urge to go elsewhere. And that is when I had the lap done and they found issues with me. I finally got answers! I'm sorry to make this post about me, I just wanted you to see that there is someone else out there that has gone through what you are going through. Have you had all the essential tests done to make sure you and your hubby are "functioning" right? If so, you may want to move onto IVF before throwing too much money away. That is my personal decision. God will lead you the way. I hope your heart heals soon and you can get the answers you need. Try to have a great weekend, Hugs.


beth ewing said...

you HAVE to be comfortable with your doctor when you're going through this. it really makes all the difference in the world. i've seen 3 different doctors in my process and the one that i thought cared about me as a person and whether i got the one that helped me get pregnant. i just feel like it's important with fertility.

i'll be praying for guidance for you. we are in the process of talking over the hard questions too and i know it's not easy. i wish it didn't have to be this way for you. but i'll pray that God makes his Will so clear that you have no qualms at all about it.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

that is so frustrating! they should have told you that before, so you could get an earlier consult.

who knows, maybe this "break" will be a blessing in disguise. :)