Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Part 1

Yesterday I made gumbo for Brandon's mom, grandma, aunt, sister, her two kids, and my brother-in-law. We like to get together to open presents separate from the whole family so we can enjoy the gift giving. It was's always fun watching kids open presents:) Today we are going to his dad's house to open gifts with them and then his other grandmas to eat with the rest of the family. Then we are going to spend the night at my parents house so we will be there on Christmas morning....Santa still comes to my parents house ;) My parents even wait to put out the presents and fill the stockings while we are asleep. Then we each have a big pile of presents when we wake up. My job is to pass out the presents...I love it!! It takes like 2 hours. Brandon told me that I'm 27 and Santa shouldn't be coming anymore...I told him when we have a baby it will stop. I just love the's so comforting!! Then we will eat breakfast and get ready. Next we have to go to Brandon's grandma's for lunch. After lunch we might take a nap then it's back to my parents to eat prime rib for supper. We have packed 2 days but it's my favorite time of the year!! I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday. I will write again after Christmas. MUCH LOVE:)

Brandon and our nieces!

We gave each other bags for Christmas! Now we need to take a trip!!

Every year I make my mom and Brandon's mom a's their favorite present!

I made Brandon's mom a coffee mug with Emily and Anna's pic on it.

Don't you love those curls!!

All the presents!

She was trying to sneak behind the tree and check out the presents!!


beth ewing said...

you sure do have some cute neices.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

those bags are SUPER cute!

and this is the first year i made a calendar on shutterfly. i cant believe how great it turned out! i love how you can truly customize it with quotes and dates. i cant wait to see everyones reaction tomorrow.

merry christmas, ashley!

Mimi said...

I'm so glad you still have te Christmas spirit!! Merry Christmas!