Friday, March 1, 2013

Follicle check #2

I'm worn out;) driving 45 minutes to the dr every other morning is very tiring! I leave my house at 630 so I can get there by 720 and get seen first! My principal doesn't dock my days if I get to school by 830. So far I've made it!! This morning was tough because Brandon is on a business trip. I had to wake Kenz up at 6 to get her to the sitter (she opened early for me;). When I got the doctor I realized I left my purse at home 45 min away! Thank God I didn't need gas;)
My estrogen was 425 today and there was 10 measurable follicles and several smaller ones. I'm pretty much on track with my last ivf cycle. I go back on Sunday.
Right now I'm missing brandon and kenz. My mother-in-law wanted to watch all her grand kids tonight and Kenz really wanted to go so I'm home alone. Tomorrow night we are going to Elmo live with my parents. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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