Sunday, March 3, 2013

Follicle check #3

I woke up at 6 this morning and headed to the doctor. It's a lot harder when it's the weekend and you want to sleep late;) I got there at 740 and was seen shortly after. I had 14 follicles. 7 on each side and my estrogen was 928. I am done with stims. I took my ganerlix tonight and will set my alarm for 1 am to do my trigger shot. I hope I can focus at that time! I go to the dr at 1030 tomorrow to make sure it was absorbed. My retrieval is set for Tuesday at 11 am. Please say some prayers for us;)
After the doctor today I went to have breakfast with my brother which was really nice. We don't get to hang out one-on-one much anymore. Then at 10 I had to go get brandon from the airport. He then went back to work and I spent the day with Kenz at my parents.
Last night we went to Sesame Street live with my parents which was cute. The picture is kenz and my mom at rhe show! Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Wow! This cycle went so least for me. :) Im glad everything is on track and you have a good amount of follicles! Good luck tomorrow, cant wait to hear how many they get!!

Renee Wilson said...

I dont get to catch up with you on Facebook anymore! I miss you:) i will defintely be saying some prayers fou you tomorrow! You and your husband are defintely in my thoughts. Keep me posted! (Need to get your number)