Sunday, March 10, 2013


We got to the clinic at 7:30 this morning. We met with the RE and the embryologist. He said they picked the best 2 embryos and are waiting to see if we can freeze any of the other 5 tomorrow...fingers crossed!!!
I then took a Valium, put on my gown, and brandon put on his scrubs. They wheeled me in to the surgical room and strapped my legs into the stirrups. They cleaned me with soap and water which was cold;)
The embryologist came in with the embryos in incubators and Brandon looked at them in a Microscope.
They then transferred them and then drained my bladder so I wouldn't have to move. I rested for 30 minutes and then we left for home!
I'm praying that they stick and we get a healthy baby!!! Happy Sunday everyone!!


Brittney said...

SO exciting!!! Glad to hear everything went well. Hope you're able to rest up lots, friend:) Praying for the precious little ones inside you and the others you'll hear about tomorrow!

Krisy said...

Glad to hear everything went well, sending lots of prayers for some sticky babies!

Jeffer Shen said...

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