Sunday, June 14, 2009


This has been a pretty good weekend. Once a month 12 of my friends and I get together at someone's house (we alternate) and eat dinner, gossip, and play cards. It's REALLY fun. Sometimes we get so into talking to each other that we skip the card playing. Friday was our monthly get together. It was really fun to see everyone because I missed last month because of the transfer. One of my friends is also an IF girl. It was good to see her because I haven't seen her since she got a belly. She is 17 weeks pregnant and I'm so happy for her!! Everyone went "out" after and it felt so good to go home to my hubby because I'm pregnant and can't go out!!
Saturday we had our nieces 4th birthday party. She was so excited because she got her ears pierced. She looked sooo cute!! After the party Brandon and I went to dinner.
Today I got to see my brother for about 1 hour. He was home for a conference. Then my mom and I went to church. After church we came home and cooked lunch. Brandon and I came home after lunch and watched a movie "Felon". I love vegging out on Sunday' relaxing!!

I have one question for you girls...I had some "twitching" in my lower belly around lunch. It lasted for about 30 minutes. When Brandon and I came home it happen again for 10 minutes. It kind of freaked me out. Is that normal?? Since the baby is only the size of a small grape I know I can't feel it moving...what is happening?? If you know could you please leave a comment!! Thanks. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


beth ewing said...

everyone's descriptions of what they feel is different so i don't really know what twitching is to you but i remember so many weird and scary feelings the first trimester. you will feel pulling and stuff alot (or at least i did). i wouldn't worry about it.

Carrie said...

I got that all the time with my pregnancies early on. Sometimes it was in the belly, sometimes very low. My doc said it is just stretching and adjusting to the new life! :) Your ligaments start to give really early, before the baby is big at all.

So glad you had fun with your girlfriends.

twondra said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Sounds like a wonderful time with your friends. :)

Melody said...

Even though your baby is TINY your tubes/uterus/placenta and everything are stretching and growing. I used to feel the same thing and I thought there is NO way I'm feeling this kid yet! And you are right, you can't. But, it's TOTALLY normal. Your body just knows that it has to start to stretch out for the baby :)

ashley said...

I think the twitching's normal. All sorts of things could be causing possible muscle spasms, gas, you name it, it will probably happen. Unless the twitching is painful, I wouldn't be concerned about it. I would bring it up at your next appointment though just to see what your doc says. I was so scared in the first trimester as I'm sure you are too, but things will be fine. IF girls are so in tune with their bodies after all they've been put through that it's easy for us to take notice of everything that happens in there.

Mimi said...

I'm having a lot of twitching and pulling pains. I read that was completely normal. It's just everything stretching in there!! No worries momma!


Dianne said...

You guys should totally do Bunco!! It is a dice game.

Anonymous said...

Speaking from my vast pregnancy experience ;), it's probably ligaments stretching, or the like. Even though your baby's tiny, your body is already starting to adjust to make room for it to grow!

I think you have an ultrasound on Wednesday, yes? Good luck!