Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's that time again..

Tomorrow we need lots of prayers. We have our 10 week ultrasound in the morning..please pray that all goes well. We also have Brandon's surgery. Please pray that all goes well with that. Thanks!!!

Today I had to go to my school. They told me that my classroom was filled with packages and I needed to come in. I'm the head pre k teacher so all our consumable stuff comes to me and I have to divide it up. It was UNBELIEVABLE how much stuff was in my room. There was PILES of boxes. When I walked in I almost walked right back out;) Thank goodness my friend was with me to do the heavy lifting. It took us 5 hours just to get the stuff divided up an into piles. My room is a mess. All the empty boxes are in the middle of the room and the piles of stuff is around the room. The janitor said he was going to transport the piles to the classrooms for me and take out the trash tomorrow. I hope that when I go back none of that is there. I am so exhausted now!! I hope everyone had a great day. :)


The Patterson's said...

How exciting!! Weekly ultrasounds?! I would love it!!! Unfortunately, I have to wait until next Monday. I'm sure everything will go great tomorrow, but I'll say a prayer for you for sure! Have fun seeing your little one again!

sweetpeanme said...

I love coming to your blog and seeing that little floating baby...it looks more and more like a little person every day!!! :o)

And you'll get to see that little person tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

I hope they paid you to go into work!!!!!!!!!! Its your summer break...head teacher or not!! :o)

Stace said...

HA! Your story of your room sounds just like my room! I left it on Monday in complete shambles.... boxes everywhere. :) I hope the ultrasound goes wonderfully tomorrow!!

Mimi said...

Always praying for you honey!!!! good luck today!


Good Egg Hunting said...

Praying for you on both fronts! Enjoy seeing your baby -- at my u/s on Friday you could really make out all the different parts. It's starting to get really good now!

Just Another Infertile said...

Enjoy your u/s! It's so fun to see your baby.

I hate when I'm grade level chair and all the boxes go to my room! I am so organized at work and those boxes throw me for a loop. At least you had someone to help. Why couldn't it wait until you went back at the beginning of the year? Oh well, it's all over now.