Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dr's Consultation

I had a relaxing day today since I didn't have to go to work. My principal told me to take the whole day off since my appointment was in the middle of the school day. We slept till 7:30 (I had been looking forward to this all week), then I made french toast and bacon....YUMMY!! Our appointment was at 10:00. We had a consultation with our RE, his "intern", and the embryologist. We had never met the embryologist before. He was very nice. They explained ever detail of IVF. The embryo guy showed us pictures as he explained it to us. He showed us what the embryos look like on different days. He said they would rather do a day 5 transfer with blastocysts. The like to have 8-10 eggs on retrieval day. He said some doctors give a lot of medicine to get more eggs but you risk over stimulation. They told us we have a 5 0% chance of it working the first time, 75% the 2nd time, and 85% the 3rd time. Each time there is a 30% chance of twins and a 5% chance that one of the eggs will split. He said if it doesn't work the first time we will grieve about it and then sit down and see what we need to do differently...if anything. Now we have a bunch of papers that we have to go through and sign. Our next appointment is Wednesday for an injection class. I'm sooo ready to get the show on the road! Please pray that this works for us:)


Carrie said...

Woo hoo! You are on your way! Isn't the embryo info interesting? I love that stuff. I am so glad you are starting soon- and what great stats!


beth ewing said...

i know it's alot to take in and alot to do but i'm praying you only have to do it once.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

yayyyyyy ashley! that first appt is overwhelming, but oh so exciting! i cant wait to follow your ivf journey. as always, i am an email away if you need ANYTHING!

Angelwingsbaby said...

HI there just found your blog and I look forward to following your story as I just had my embryo transfer on the 4th of april and I am in the 2ww,it is nice to be able to follow someone else who is going through this too.-Megan