Saturday, April 4, 2009


HI!! I need some comfort from my blogger friends;) One of my good friends called last night. She is also an IF girl. She has gone through 2 miscarriages and found out she has a blood clotting disorder. Well she had an appointment with her RE yesterday. He works at a brand new FERTILITY INSTITUTE that had just opened when we started going to our RE. We went to our RE because he is WELL known where we live and Brandon's stepmom used to work for him. Well my friend was talking to her RE asking if they should try IVF. She told him about us and how we were about to start trying and if it would be a better option for them. Well he said that he knew our doctor and his clinic is going to one day make our doctor go out of business because their technology is stat-of-the-art. He said they have the highest success rates in the country- 85% success rate on first IVF. He told her that he would love to see us and told her he would give us a consult for free. UGGHH!!!! I was so excited about my IVF procedure and now I have that in the back of my mind. Brandon is away at drill so I can't talk to him about it. I know he would say that we need to trust our doctor. We are already in this IVF cycle and have committed to the refund program so I know that we aren't going to change doctors. I just wish I didn't have that other doctor's success rates in the back of my mind. I need reassurance girls:)


Melody said...

well, first off, I"ve never had an IVF personally, but EVERYONE I know who's had one has talked about the same success rates no matter what, so I don't really see that its possible for one clinic to have significantly better succes than another. Second, I think it's VERY rude for that other RE to say they are going to cause someone to go out of business.. to me, that sounds like the "new" one is almost scared of your RE's office and is doing whatever he can to get patients. IF they really are that good, the patients will come on their own! DOn't worry, this is ALL up to God anyone, not one RE or the next.

ashley said...

Stick to your plan. As long as your doctor listens to you and you feel that he truly cares about your achieving pregnancy than I would stick with him. I think your rate of success will be the same no matter what clinic you choose. But hopefully you won't have to think about any of this because this time around it's going to work! ;)

Anonymous said...

Totally not about fertility, but it reminds me of a similar situation I had that I wanted to share with you because I was really able to trust that was what God wanted for me.

I was wanting to teach closer to home, I prayed every day that God would show me clearly where he wanted me to be and that only the door he would want me to go through would be opened. I trusted that completely. I interviewed and was offered and accepted the job. About a week later I heard that my former cooperating teacher who was now a principal was going to offer me a job at the school he was at. The job he was going to offer me sounded like the primo job and exactly what I had wanted. For about a second I doubted that I had done the right thing. Immediately after that second of doubt I had to proclaim that I trusted God and that the job I got must have been the one he wanted me to have because that was the door he opened. Seven years later I can say that God worked it out for the best for me because things have happened since that only he could have known about and put me in the place where he needed me to be.

Again, not about fertility, but I hope it encourages you not to doubt a decision you've made if you have prayed about it and feel that it is what you are led to do. Have faith that God knows what is best for you and is working it out for your good, even the little details.

The Patterson's said...

I know it's difficult to stop trying to work out all the scenarios in our minds, but I believe you should trust you doctor. Before hearing the statistics from your friend, you were trusting him and happy with where you were at. I also thinks that kind of crappy of the doctor to even say that to your friend about running your RE out of business. Not someone I would want to work with.

Carrie said...

I have to agree that that is a shady thing to do. Aren't these medical professionals, not used car salesmen?

Go look at your clinic's success rates- if they are a SART member, their rates are listed here. Play around with this tool- it helped me have realistic expectations for our first cycle, and the numbers were what the doctors quoted me.

Stick with your decision, I would say. Hugs!

Stace said...

How many years of success has this new guy have? Maybe he has a higher success rate because he has seen less patients overall? Maybe I'm reaching here, but I can't see a doctor doing anything THAT much different to make a success rate go by 35%. There's only so much medicine and monitoring he can do-- the rest is up to your eggs and your body. Therefore, unless he's doing something totally revolutionary, it seems unlikely he's telling the whole story to your friend. Stick with what you have, don't second guess yourself, and just hope for the best. :) If it's any help, I'm still crossing my fingers for you for THIS cycle working where you are!