Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow and enjoys being with their families:)

I don't have much to write about. I went to my injection class last Wednesday. It wasn't bad at all. Brandon had already showed me how to mix injections...since he does that for a living. I wrote that in a blog before but I'm not sure who read it so I will say it again. Brandon is an "RE" for cows. He gives them shots to stimulate their ovaries and then either AI's them (IUI to us) and they get pregnant with one calf or he really stimulates their ovaries AI's them and then "flushes" them (retrieves the embryos). They then transfer the embryos to other cows or freeze them. So I have been watching him mix the injections for the cows. The amazing thing is that it's almost the same medicine that I am going to use except in lower dosages:) If you want to know more about Brandon's job you can look back at a post entitles "Brandon". Anyway...I went off on a tangent. The injection class went well. I'm not sure why I had to pay $60 for someone to teach me how to mix shots....but anyway!!

I just finished making pasta salad and cupcakes for tomorrow. I am about to make supper (chicken with rice and gravy, bread, and green beans). Tomorrow I have to make a salad and homemade macaroni and cheese before I go to church. Then we are going to Brandon's grandma's (mom's mom) for lunch and his dad's mom's for supper. My mom and dad have headed to Memphis to spend Easter with my brother who is in medical school there. I hope everyone has a great night and a wonderful Easter!! ((HUGS))


ashley said...

Happy Easter to you too!!! All your food sounds so delicious! Yum!

twondra said...

Happy Easter! Glad the injection class went well. :)

Stace said...

Happy Late Easter too! :)

I was just looking at your IVF schedule again. It's midway thought April, so it's almost May... so almost time for your retrieval! I hope things keep going smoothly!!!