Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ivf scares

The first time we did ivf, we were childless. We would have done anything to have a baby! The money never crossed our minds.
This time, we have a perfect three year-old! It makes it so much scarier!! What if we spend 14,000 and it doesn't work. We could have put that in her college fund, gone to Disney, and been out of debt.
Please pray that we find peace and that this works. We can't afford to do it twice. Thanks girls!


Melissa said...

My husband had the same thoughts and I totally understand! However, my view on it was yes, it could not work and we would be out all that money but then, it COULD work. If we didn't do it I thought we would always wonder "what if". I told my husband we needed to try for a sibling and if it didn't work at least we could say we tried. If it worked great and if it didn't we told our daughter she could have a cat.

So...we tried. And it worked. We became pregnant with twins.

I know it's a scary thing with the money but if you don't do it you may always wonder what would have happened if you would have tried. There will be many years to get that money back.

Good luck!

Brittney said...

I totally agree with Melissa and couldn't have said it better:) The money is always scary but I agree the risk is SO worth it. For different reasons we vacillated with our decision to pursue IVF a second time, but are extremely glad we did because we wouldn't be expecting our second baby if we didn't. Best wishes to you and I will be praying!