Monday, January 28, 2013


I'm still here:) McKenzie has been sick and my husband has been having to stay at his dad's house to take care of his brother, cousin, and twin sisters. His stepmom and dad have been in Norway because her dad is dying. The kids are still in junior high and high school so he has been having to watch over them. He comes home to eat supper with us and help put Kenzie to bed. Then he goes back to their house to get them settled and sleep there. Hopefully they are coming back tomorrow.

On the IVF front, I had my IVF consult last week. I'm not sure why I had to consult and pay 230 when all he had to say was it's basically the same as last time except "time has slipped through your hour glass" so we will start you on 4 vials of injectables instead of two;) I guess i'm getting old:) I will be 32 on February 13...still on the "good" side of IVF:) I am on my 3rd week of birth control and Brandon and I are on antibiotics. On February 18th I go in for my "mock transfer". I start injectables at the end of that week. My egg retrieval should be around March 5th.  Please say some prayers for me ladies!!


Brittney said...

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry for all the illness your hubby's having to tend to with your family:( Hope everyone gets well soon.

Will definitely be praying for your upcoming IVF. How exciting!!!

Renee Wilson said...

Ash - I have been reading your journey and love when you write an update. I am sorry you are having to deal with a sick baby and your husband in all sorts of different direction when you going through this wonderful IVF process. You are one strong person!!!!
I was hoping that we would be in the hospital at the same time but my body is moving too slow. Still waiting for my period to start and things to get back to normal. I wont have my retrival until April:(
Keep me posted!!! My prayers go out to Kenzie and you and Brandon!!!