Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'm back!!

Hi!! I can't believe how long it's been since I posted!! We are now going through fertility treatments once again!! I took Menopar injectables this month and had an IUI done on the 28th. I am in the two week wait...praying that it ends up in a baby!! If you could send some prayers my way I would really appreciate it!!

My daughter turns 3 on January 21st! She is amazing and lights up our world!!
 McKenzie at dance class...she's the one laying on ground doing a bas

 McKenzie at her preschool Christmas party. She goes three days a week...1/2 day and LOVES it!!
 My brother giving me an injection. He did he when I did IVF so we were doing it again for luck!!
Christmas morning!! She loved every minute of Christmas this year and was so thankful for everything!!


Kristy said...

So great to see your family!! She's so big and pretty too!

beth ewing said...

Welcome back. Praying for a baby in 2013.

Stace said...

Nice to see you back! :) Crossing my fingers for you during the wait!

Brittney said...

Yay!! So fun to see new pics and hear the update! Will be praying for you.

Krisy said...

Nice to see and update, she is so adorable. Keep us updated on the new cycle, I will be thinking of you guys!