Saturday, February 23, 2013

Started stims!

I'm on day two of shots! They are going well. Yesterday I was in a hurry and I was about to take my shot when I realized I hadn't taken a pic of meds. This time is so different then last time because I'm much busier! I hope that I can relax and keep my stress level low. I don't want anything to mess up this cycle.
On a different note; kenz and i had a great day! she had dance pictures this morning. My mom came with us. She did great with individuals but cried a little on the group picture because another little girl started crying. After pictures, we went to the zoo. Kenz and I took a nap this afternoon and then went to church. Pretty awesome day!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Brittney said...

Glad you had a wonderfully busy day with your precious little girl - she is SO darling!! I know busyness definitely seems to help speed up the IVF process:) So happy to see everything's going smoothly so far with your're in my daily prayers! I had nearly the same protocol; only difference is I was on Follistim instead of Bravelle.

Krisy said...

So exciting!!! Love her dance outift, she is so adorable!