Friday, May 27, 2011

16 months 1 week;)

My little lady is 16 months!! I cannot believe it! This time has FLOWN by. I feel like I was just doing my embryo transfer to conceive her...I had my 2 year anniversary of that on the 11th;) She is AMAZING! Everyday she is more fun. She has started to test her boundaries though...she likes to see how we react to things. She had her first mini tantrum when I wouldn't let her play in the trash can. She laid on the floor and cried/screamed for about 30 seconds. She also likes to throw things to see how you will react to that. Other than that she is awesome!! Here are some of her stats:
  • She is almost 22 lbs and is 30 inches...maybe a little more now.
  • She wears size 3 diapers.
  • She LOVES croutons and when the fridge door opens she runs to grab the bag of them out of the door. She is picky about the things she eats, sometimes she loves something and then the next day hates it. She loves cheese, goldfish crackers, croutons, sour cream (eats it by the spoon full), guacamole, peanut butter and jelly, sausage, rice, jambalaya, taco meat, etc. She doesn't like many vegetables and is picky about the fruit she eats. She will eat more for my babysitter and mom then she will with me....not sure why!!
  • She LOVES ice...she asks for it all the time and sequels when you give her some;)
  • She loves bubbles. She asks for bubbles in the bathtub, outside, in the pool...she can't get enough.
  • She can say so many words now that I can't keep track. She repeats a lot and then I don't hear it again for awhile though. Her favorite words are: bubbles, ice, cow, duck, maw maw, paw paw, papa, dada, mama, fish (says "ish") dog, truck (when she hears a truck she things it's her daddy coming home), bubs (her boyfriend at daycare), cook, snack, more (she says this anytime she wants more of something)...that's the main words she says but repeats many more.
  • As soon as I open the laundry room door (which also is the pantry) she says "snack, snack, snack" and wants me to giver her something to eat.
  • She loves to "read" and be read to.
  • She loves going to our farm to see the cows and horses.
  • She loves to feed her dog after dinner. If we don't let her give him the food she gets so upset.
  • She LOVES to dance. This girl will dance to any kind of music but loves when my daddy puts on his juke box the best!
  • She loves to help me cook. I put a stool by the counter and she stands on it and puts stuff in her bowl and stirs it around. It occupies her while I am cooking dinner. I figure she will also learn a lot this way too.

I'm sure there is more that I am forgetting but it is the last day of the school year and I am exhausted! My summer vacation starts tomorrow and I am so excited to have 10 weeks off with my baby girl! I hope everyone is doing well. I read all of your blogs while I am rocking kenzie to sleep at is often to hard to comment though! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!



Stace said...

I can't believe she's over 16 months! Where did time go?? I love love love love the picture of her sitting on the floor playing with the dino container (?? not sure if that's what it really is!) with the look of "shock" on her face. Too cute!!!

Krisy said...

She is beautiful, i love those facial expressions in the pictures! Time is certainly flying by I feel like they will all be 2 before we know it! Thanks for the update!

Brittney said...

She's perfect!!:)

Anonymous said...

Happy 16 mths! She is getting so big