Sunday, April 3, 2011

catching up!!

Helping me make waffles!!
Her favorite thing to do...see the cows (don't worry Brandon is close and the cows are tame!)

I've been wanting to catch up for a while now..but haven't had a chance. I always check blogs while I am rocking Kenzie at night using my phone. I can't figure out how to post from my phone...anyone know:) I can post the title but can't write on the body for some reason??
We have had a rough two weeks. First Kenzie had an 8 day virus...yes you heard that right...EIGHT days! It was miserable!! She would throw up once in the morning and then have diarrhea during the day. We couldn't bring her to the babysitter so Brandon, my mom, and I had to take turns taking off of work. She was then well for 4 days... four days!!! Last Friday when I got home from having to much fun at a girl's night, I found that my poor little baby had 102 fever and croup. We took her to the doctor on Saturday and she did have croup. She had fever all day Saturday. It has been a week and she still has a terrible runny nose and a cough but is playing and smiling, so we are thankful for that! Friday night was the FIRST night that she slept all night in two weeks. I was one tired momma! Hopefully the sickness has left our house for awhile!! I have seven weeks left until summer break and I am hoping when she is home with me she won't catch as many illnesses.
Kenzie is at such a fun age! We are having a blast with her. Her are some stats:
  • She weighs 21 lbs 5 oz as of Friday and is around 28 inches tall
  • She is in a size 3 diaper
  • She hasn't had a bottle since 13 months
  • She has been walking since her birthday and is running now..I can't keep up with her.
  • She says dada, mama, papa, cat (her favorite word), cow, eye ( I love how she says this!), ear, ball, duck....I know I am missing some...
  • She makes the sound for a duck, cow, owl, and monkey
  • She can point to her eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, toes, belly. (She loves the teeth and eyes the best)
  • She goes to visit the cows on our farm everyday and gets so excited when you tell her that you are going. She makes an "o" with her mouth and starts going "Oooooooo" as soon as we get on the mule(its a motorized vehicle a little bigger than a golf cart) she starts making a cow sound and jumping up and down;)
  • She loves to drop things and say uh-oh!
  • She wants to be outside all day and sometimes cries when we come in. She is definitely her father's child.
  • She loves books and rolling a ball to us.
  • We are so thankful for this little piece of heaven!!

I hope everyone has been doing wonderful! Have a great week!


Krisy said...

Great pictures, she is so adorable...i had no idea you guys had a farm, where do you live(you don't have to answer that if you don't want to)?

Patterson Family said...

So sorry. Sounds like Kenzie is feeling better so that's good! Cute pics!

Stace said...

So happy she's feeling better. The pictures are way too cute!! Let the end of school countdown begin!!!! :)

Amber said...

great pictures! She is getting so big

Just Another Mother said...

Great pictures! So cute.

Carrie said...

How precious! (I had to resist the urge to say "holy cow", though.)

I love your updates- I am so glad I can see how much your baby has grown into a curious and busy toddler!

Hugs, and thanks for still reading me. I am determined to be a better bloggy friend! :)