Monday, August 23, 2010

7 months and starting work

Sorry I haven't been able to comment much on every one's blogs...I'm so busy now that I'm back at work. It's crazy....having a baby and working is so much different than working without a baby...why didn't ya'll tell me that;) I have to wake up at 5:30 so I can get ready in time and still get to do everything with McKenzie like dress and feed her. Thank goodness Brandon brings her to the babysitter or I would really be late for work. She really seems to love the babysitter and the other kids that stay there (there are 5 other small children). I'm so thankful for that. I think the anticipation of going back to work was much worse than actually going. Once I was there it wasn't as bad as I expected. So that's going pretty good. Kenzie already had to miss a day on Friday because she had her 2nd cold....uggggh!! I hate when she's sick.

She turned 7 months on Saturday!! I can't believe it!! Time is FLYING by. Her 7 month stats are:

  • She got 2 teeth a month ago (bottom)...I forgot to write that on 6 months...
  • She is in size 3 diapers.
  • She is taking 5 bottles a day... 4 that are 6 oz and an 8 0z before bed.
  • She sleeps through the night most of the time but wakes up on occasion @2nights a week.
  • She could care less for baby food. She really only likes the Sprout brand (I actually like it to0;) She loves graham crackers, puffs, gerber snacks, fruit slices, etc. though
  • She loves her swing outside!!
  • She is talking/babbling like CRAZY. I swear she says babbbaaa when she wants a bottle.
  • She is still only rolling where she wants to go...I don't know is she will crawl anytime soon.
  • She is wearing 3-6 month clothes..some 6-12 month dresses.
  • She loves playing peek-a-boo/peep-pie with her daddy...she beams every time she sees him.
  • She still loves her money that I've spent!
  • She is 16 lbs 3 0z and 26 1/2 inches long.

Can't think of anything else because I'm so tired;) I hope everyone is doing great! I'm trying to catch up on your blogs. Know that I'm always thinking of ya'll! Have a great week!!

PS. To those teachers....wish me luck...I get my kids tomorrow;)

I don't know why we buy toys...she loves remote controls, paper, and water bottles!!


Erin said...

It is hard to blog and be back at work for sure. I go back the 31st and start with kids the 7th . . .and the days go really fast with the kids there and before you know it you'll be back to your sweetie pie :)

Stace said...

Heehee... Colby's the same way! He love the remote, any phones, magazines, and his wipes container! Why buy toys?

Good luck tomorrow... :) I'm so glad to hear that it's going well... the anticipation really was the worst part when I went back in April, too. But now I'm nervous about going back again this year! :)

Stace said...

Oh, and as always, she is an ABSOLUTE doll!! Too cute for words.

Amber said...

Balancing work and mommy hood is hard! I know I find myself staying up much later than I did before Drake. You'll get into a routine in no time.

Krisy said...

Good Luck meeting your kids tomorrow, great update, i love the 1st pic with the squinty eye smile! I hear ya on the toys, my kids love remotes and boxes??

Kristy said...

I'm glad that things are going well for you all! I taught for awhile after Kate was born--it is a different animal entirely.

Melody said...

I hear ya with the toys! Bailey likes toys now but only about 1/2 the ones she has.

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

She is adorable! Fill a water bottle with toy ever!

erwin said...

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