Monday, June 21, 2010

5 months

I forgot this picture so that's why it's out of place. It was from Father's Day.
I made a frame of McKenzie holding letters that spelled out DAD. He loved it.

My little lady turned 5 months today! Time is flying by. I am cherishing each day and hoping summer goes by slow because I don't want to leave her and go back to work. Here are some stats on my little one;)

  • You are always so happy and laid back.

  • When you meet knew people you look at them really serious.

  • You are obsessed with sucking your fingers. While you are eating baby food you suck them between each bite..very messy;)

  • You have tried green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, apple sauce, prunes, and peas. Your favorite is pears and sweet potatoes.

  • You are wearing size 2 diapers.

  • You fit in size 3 month clothes the best but some 6 month clothes fit.
  • You weigh 14 lbs 2 0z and are 25 inches long.

  • You won't nap longer than 45 minutes and wake up smiling and happy.

  • You sleep on your stomach but often wake up on your belly...I think that's what wakes you up.

  • You can roll over both ways but are much better at rolling from belly to back.

  • You want to stand up all day...everyone thinks you are going to walk early...we will see;)

  • You love your jumperoo and your play gym. You could lay under your gym for hours.

  • Your favorite toy is Sophie the teething giraffe. It was worth the money!!

  • You still wake up 2 times a night. We are only feeding you once...hoping that you start sleeping well soon!!

  • You love being outdoors.

  • You are very ticklish and it always gets a laugh.

  • You found your feet a couple of weeks ago and put them in your mouth on June 11th..daddy was with you when you did it!

  • We have loved every moment of these past 5 months!!


You found your feet a couple of weeks ago and put your feet in your mouth on June 11th!


ashley said...

She is precious Thank you for sharing Hope you are doing well!

Stace said...

She is SO CUTE!!!!! :) And I cannot believe she is 5 months!!!

Just Another Mother said...

So sweet! I agree, summer goes too fast. Especially with a baby. :)

The Patterson's said...

She is just too cute!! Sorry she is still waking up in the middle of the night for you. Hopefully she surprise you and sleep through soon!

Krisy said...

what a cutie! Thanks for sharing!! I hope you start getting more sleep soon!

Good Egg Hatched said...

She is beyond cute! We are totally in the same boat re: sleep. Can't wait to sleep through the night again -- what a luxury.

mak'n Changes said...

I LOVE that green and yellow outfit and how kick back she is.... what a sweet heart!