Thursday, May 20, 2010

4 months!!

Our favorite time of the day!!

Kinsey with her Gran and Papa. (My parents)

I love my jumperoo!!

I finally learned how to grab this frog and make it sing!!

First try at cereal!

I can't believe that my beautiful daughter turns 4 months tomorrow...that I have been blessed with her for 18 weeks!!! Time has flown by. I am so lucky to have been off of work the entire time. Now as the school year draws to the end, I am getting so sad, knowing that I only have the summer left to spend with her. I wish that I could be a stay at home mom...maybe one day I will win the lottery;)

Here are some 4 month facts about my little angel

  • she just started to eat cereal this week...she cried at first. After day 1 she didn't cry but it is still a learning process!!
  • she is talking up a storm!! All she does is talk. This morning I laughed and laughed because the entire time she was nursing she took breaks to talk.
  • She is in a 4 month sleep regression and wakes up 2 times to eat...I think it's because she is so curious that she doesn't eat enough in the day time.
  • She loves to stand up and sit up on your lap or in her bebe pod. She no longer likes to be held like a baby and gets made if you do that!
  • She is smiling up a storm and just started really laughing. She laughs the most when I give her a massage after her bath.
  • She loves bath time and if you don't do it at her routine time she gets really mad and it's one of the only times that she cries.
  • She puts her self to sleep for naps but usually only sleeps for 45 min-1hour. Though on occasion she has slept for 2 hours.

  • She LOVES to be outside. The swing is her favorite place. We go out there everyday and swing and sing;)

  • She loves her jumperoo and playing on the floor. She will do these things while I cook and laugh when I tell her what I'm cooking.

  • Every morning Brandon and I bring her in the bed with us at 7 so we can play. It's our favorite time of the day.
  • Her bed time is 7 and she goes to bed easily but has been waking on occasion after 1 hour wanting to eat again.
  • She is grabbing at everything and putting it in her mouth.
  • She has rolled from tummy to back but only rolls on her side when she is on her back.

  • She has made our lives so wonderful and we thank God for this awesome miracle!

I hope everyone has a great day!!


ashley said...

I love the picture of her and her daddy. So sweet! She is beautiful!

Kristy said...

Happy Four Months!

The Patterson's said...

I think Kinsey and Drake would be buds! :-) Time goes so quickly...enjoy every second you get to stay home with her. She is so cute! We have the same jumperoo but haven't tried it out yet.

Melody said...

She is so sweet and SUCH a blessing! I'm so glad you have her.

Melinda said...

She sounds PERFECT!!! And I meant to comment on the last post and forgot!! But around 4 months babies become super aware of their surroundings and become distracted easily because of it. My guess is that she's not nursing as well during the day because she's just too busy to eat with lots of other things going on around her. She makes up for it at night with an extra feeding. Plus at night, the house is usually quiet and of distractions so she eats better. Its just a phase and it will pass. Just make sure you're feeding her on demand so she'll continue to grow and thrive! Babies KNOW when their hungry!! Good luck!!

Krisy said...

oh my gosh, i love the cereal picture, i guess she wasn't into that!!!! she is so beautiful, loved the update!

Good Egg Hatched said...

She is so sweet! I am so happy you're enjoying motherhood so much. I am too!

What kind of a swing do you have her in outside?

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

She is such a cutie pie!! 4 months already!? What a big girl.