Friday, August 5, 2011

Post that goes with pics below!!

Summer has been a whirlwind! We got out of school the weekend before memorial day and go back on August 10th. BOO HOO!!! I’m not ready to go back! I’ve enjoyed my summer with McKenzie IMMENSLY!! I’ve also been very busy!! Here is my summer in a nut shell…
In June, Brandon and I had to go to Puerto Rico for his business. Kenzie stayed with my parents. IT was very relaxing!! While Brandon was in meetings I got to lay on the beach. I went to breakfast, lunch, and dinner with him. The rest of the time was spent on the beach or by the pool. It was nice!! Kenzie had a blast with my parents. When we got back she was hesitant to go to us. After 10 minutes she grabbed my neck and broke out crying. It broke my heart…it was as if she was saying I missed you Mama!
The rest of June, Kenzie and I had playdates, went swimming, etc. July was busy because I had to leave yet again to go to Indianapolis for a teacher conference. Brandon and Kenzie had to stay home. I was gone for 3 nights. IT was an all expense paid trip at a 4 star hotel (the best one I’ve ever stayed in). I had a lot of fun!! When I got back Kenzie wouldn’t let me out of her sight again!! I think she is scared that I will leave for a few more days…she has become much more needy.
Last week, we all went to the beach! It was me, Brandon, Kenzie, Brandon’s sister, her husband and 3 girls, his mom, and her boyfriend. We had a lot of fun. Kenzie loved being with the kids all day and being able to stay up till 10 at night. She did awesome and really enjoyed the whole experience.
I’m very nervous to leave Kenzie in 4 days. I’ve become so used to laying in bed with her and watching cartoons when we wake up in the morning and being able to play with her all day. I wish I could be a stay at home mom!
Kenzie turned 18 months last week! She is soo fun right now. Here are a few stats:
She is 22 lbs and in size 4 diapers.
She knows her belly button, eyes, ears, nose, hair, head, toes, legs, hands, fingers, eyebrow, mouth, tongue, and teeth.
She says tons of words and tries to repeat everything you say.
She has 12 teeth. She loves to dance, and pretend to sing.
This post is getting really long so I’m going to wrap it up. Hope all is well with everyone!!


Amber said...

I was just checking out your blog last night thinking I hadn't seen an update in a while. Glad things are going well. Isn't a vacay with the hubbby wonderful? Tough to leave, but so good. Jason and I did that in May.

McKenzie is still cute as ever!! Good luck transitioning back to school.

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