Wednesday, October 21, 2009

26 weeks update

How Far Along? 26 weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss? 16 pounds...I didn't gain any this month!!
Maternity Clothes: yep..I can still fit in some shirts and comfy pants
Sleep: I miss sleep so much!! Leg cramp, back pain, and hip pain have been waking me up.
Best Moment of the Week. Last week it was when they said I could go back to work. This week it has been how much our little girl has been moving!
Movement- yes, she is really moving now!! I love the feeling:)
Food Craving- lettuce wraps, scallops, pizza
Food aversions- nothing...I'm loving eating!!!
Morning sickness?- No but I have started gagging in the morning..I hope it doesn't come back.
Gender- It's A GIRL!!! McKenzie Joy
Labor Signs- hopefully not for at least 9 more weeks...that worries me!!
Belly Button- in but getting shallow!
What I miss-being able to sleep well, being able to do a lot without having to worry about going back on bedrest.
What I'm looking forward to- My baby shower next weekend.
Weekly Wisdom- God has a plan for us...we just have to trust in that plan!! Do as much as you can never know if you will be put on bedrest!
Milestones- going back to work.

Well, last Thursday I went back to the doctor. He decided to "cautiously" let me go back to work. He told me to sit as much as I could, no exercise, no "relations" as he called it, and come back in 2 weeks. He will check my cervix and do a fFN test again next Thursday to see if I can continue working. I'm crossing my fingers that I can..I really don't want to use up my days before the baby is born.
Last Saturday Brandon and I were on our way to my friend's couple baby shower. We were 10 minutes from the party when my nose started bleeding. I have had 2 nosebleeds since becoming pregnant but they only last 3-4 minutes. This nosebleed was massive!! It was so much blood. When I switched paper towels it got on my clothes. Brandon decided that we needed to stop at my parent's house so we could clean my clothes and regroup. We got to the house and it continued to bleed. It was horrible. I held my head over the sink and just let it flow because we were told not to plug it up. It bled for 45 minutes!! Brandon was worried that I had lost too much blood;) We cleaned my clothes and finally made it to the party an hour late. It was crazy!! I hope I don't get anymore like that.
I hope everyone is doing great!!


Melody said...

Look at that BEAUTIFUL belly! I'm glad you are well! I just got your e-mail. I had a nose bleed a few days to a week before I found out I was pregnant (one of the symptoms I will SURELY look for next time) but it was NO WHERE near like that! I feel so badly that you have had such a hard time! I can't wait until that little bundle is here to see her pictures! I so wish we could all get together! Love ya!

sweetpeanme said...

That sounds like QUITE a nose to know! Now I'm prepared for that joy! :o)

Glad to hear you're back at work and hopefully staying that way for a few more weeks!!!

Yep...I said a FEW more weeks...can't believe how far along you are already!!! She'll be here before you know it!!

Brittney said...

You are such a gorgeous pregnant woman! I'm so, so happy for you. You look absolutely beautiful.

I'm sorry about the nosebleed and bed rest though - that's definitely no fun. Hopefully the nosebleeds end soon...

Continuing to pray for you and your sweet Mckenzie.

Melinda said...

I'm with you on the sleeping issue. I miss sleep. So much. BUT...isn't it SO worth it?! Glad to hear everything is going better. No more bedrest...for either one of us!!!

Kristy said...

I'm so glad to see that you are doing well enough to go back to work. You look lovely! Take care.

Good Egg Hunting said...

You look fabulous, and I'm so glad you got the go-ahead to go back to work. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing from here. Can you believe how far along we are??

Just Another Infertile Mother said...

Glad things sound under control and you were able to go back to work. Teaching doesn't really lend itself to "taking it easy," but try. I just sat and made the kids come to me for everything at the end of last school year on days I was too tired to lug my belly around.

That nose bleed sounds nasty! I had several small ones the first trimester, but nothing like that. I'm glad it stopped for the party.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Your belly is gorgeous!! You look adorable in that dress. :)

Im glad you were able to return to work and all is well with McKenzie!

The Pifer's said...

You look AMAZING! I love your little pumpkin belly!!!!!! Praying for you sweetie and your sweet little pumpkin girl :)