Sunday, September 20, 2009

21 week 4 day update

How Far Along? 21 weeks 4 days
Total Weight Gained/Loss? not sure, I'll know Thursday at my appointment.
Maternity Clothes: definately...there's no turning back now;)
Sleep: leg cramps have been waking me up
Best Moment of the Week buying bedding, putting up the furniture, etc
Movement- yes!! I love the feeling:)
Food Craving- lettuce wraps...we ate them last night and I want more!!
Food aversions- nothing...except mushrooms...yeah!!!
Morning sickness?- NO!!!
Gender- It's A GIRL!!! McKenzie Joy
Labor Signs- hopefully not for 18 more weeks...that worries me!!
Belly Button- in but getting shallow!
What I miss- not having to pee 5 times a night;)
What I'm looking forward to- baby showers
Weekly Wisdom- God has a plan for us...we just have to trust in that plan!! Enjoy every second of being pregnant!
Milestones- getting the nursery together

Here is our baby bed and bedding. I'm so proud...the baby bed was on sale at Babies R Us for 300 and we got the bedding at Target for $50!!

Here is my belly shot. It's definately GROWING!! I'm loving my belly and wearing maternity clothes!!


Joy said...

SO cute (your bump)! I love your crib, too!!!

Melissa said...

Love your crib - I love the dark wood look. We have the same color crib.

Baby is pushing that belly out- Cute!

Carrie said...

You look great! I love the beautiful crib too. :) Keep up the great work!!

Hear My Cry said...


Krisy said...

you look so great, i love the furniture and bedding, great deal on it!!

sweetpeanme said...

How fun!! I LOVE the crib...its absolutely is your belly!

twondra said...

Love your bump! Very cute!!

Good Egg Hunting said...

You look great! Are you feeling a lot of movement? Mine is very sporadic and drives me crazy during the hours that I can't feel it. But then it's back and I'm happy again. :) Love the crib and bedding -- great job on getting those good deals. We're really getting there now -- 18 weeks left (I might only have 15 - c-section @ 37 weeks)!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Miss Ashley, we need an update! A picture would be great, too. :)