Wednesday, August 19, 2009

17 weeks

As you can see I am definitely popping out!! I'm behind on posting because school has started and I'm back at work...uggh!! Here are my stats;)

How Far Along? 17weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss? haven't weighed myself...will know next week at OB's visit
Maternity Clothes: BE band works on some pants but wearing some maternity now too;) Sleep: sleeping is getting worse
Best Moment of the Week having people tell me that I finally look pregnant
Movement- not sure...I feel stuff but question if it is the baby
Food Craving- potato soup and grilled cheese
Food aversions- I can finally eat meat again...haven't tried eggs yet
Morning sickness?- yes, usually 2 times a week
Gender- we will know in next week!!
Labor Signs- hopefully not for 23 more weeks...that worries me!!
Belly Button- in
What I miss- having energy, the occasional beer, blue cheese, and cold sandwiches;)
What I'm looking forward to- baby kicks and finding out the gender!!
Weekly Wisdom- God has a plan for us...we just have to trust in that plan!!
Milestones- being able to eat meat again


Stace said...

I'm so happy for you!! You look great! Can't wait to hear what you're cooking in there!!

Melinda said...

Your baby bump is precious! You're definitely popping out! Glad to hear all is going well!


The Patterson's said...

You look great!!! How exciting for your big ultrasound next week!!

Carrie said...

You look awesome! So very cute is your teeny belly!

I miss energy and cold sandwiches too! But hey, potato salad sounds awesome... good thought. One track mind over here.


Michelle said...

What a very cute baby bump! :)

sweetpeanme said...

What a beautiful belly!! How wonderful to be able to rock the maternity clothes!!! Enjoy it!!!

Joy said...

Yay! You find out the gender next week!!!!! I didn't look yet, but do you have a poll up so we can all guess?!

Kristy said...

Yay! I hope that school is going well for you.

Juliann said...

When I was pg with both of my daughters I could not eat eggs. They made me soooo sick.

Just Another Infertile said...

You are popping out there! You look great. I figured you started back at work when it had been awhile since you posted. How are your new little buggers?

ashley said...

Your belly's too cute!!!! You look fantastic!

twondra said...

You've got such a cute belly. :)